Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Clumping Bamboo at ECHO

Going to ECHO farms was a great treat for me,

As I learned about everything from miracle fruit to the Neem tree.

I have always been fascinated with plants and food,

And being outside on the farm put me in a good mood.

On the farm all of my senses were heightened,

And my knowledge of horticulture was enlightened.

There were so many colors that lit up my eyes,

That I am sure the farm is beautiful even under dark skies.

The sound of the wind as it brushed through the trees,

Soothed my mind like a nice summer breeze.

I still have the taste of Moringa leaves on my lips,

And ECHO’s advanced irrigation systems work very well even though the water barely drips.

I learned about so many different foods and plants,

And walking through the giant farm we looked like marching ants.

The Moringa tree is neat since it can purify water,

It could probably even make liquid drinkable if it came out of an otter.

Bamboo is very strong and it can be used to make floors,

But if you get the running kind then your neighbors will beat down your doors.

I’d rather go to ECHO and learn about appropriate technology,

Than to sit in class and learn about sociology.

I cannot imagine an entire family living in a tiny house such as the hut,

Because no matter what way I turned someone was always brushing against my butt.

Enough with the jokes it is time to get real,

This next statistic might change the way you feel.

25,000,000 acres of farmland becomes desert each year,

This combined with world hunger might make you shed a tear.

Ending world hunger is ECHO’s number one goal,

And I can only hope that they will pull the world out of this malnourished hole.

Word count: 306

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