Sunday, April 28, 2013

Colloquium Class Reflection

Colloquium was a much better class than I was expecting.  Initially, I was dreading this class because of all the negativity I heard about the class.  However, it was a great class for many reasons.  First, it was a nice stress reliever for me.  This semester I was taking 4 classes and doing an internship.  I had two senior capstone classes that were all group work and required a lot of my time so it was nice to relax in a slower paced class.  Second, the field trips were great.  I hadn't been on a field trip in 5 years so it was nice to go on four this semester.  Plus, I have only been in Florida for not even two years so I didn't know much about Florida's environment.  I learned a lot about the history, plants and animals of Florida.  Third, the professor was passionate about the subject which made the class a lot of fun to attend.  Every class was fun and I knew I was going to learn something new.  Professor Borden was a joy in the class and on the field trips and made sure there was never a dull moment.  Fourth, I met a lot of good people in that class and made a few friends.  The entire class came together and connected with each other.  It felt like a small family in the class as everyone was comfortable speaking in front of the class.  Lastly, colloquium allowed me to write again about subjects that weren't boring.  The papers reminded me that I am actually a good writer when I write about interesting topics.  Also, A Land Remembered was a great book.  It kept me entertained and it was a nice escape from boring textbooks.  This class was easily one of my favorite classes at FGCU.

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